You can wear as little or as much as you like, most people wear just wear a g-string others prefer no tan lines - whatever makes you comfortable. Disposable g-strings are available for your convenience at no extra charge.
Minors and male clients must wear underwear or swimwear.

After the spray tan session wear something loose fitting, no bras, jeans or tight pants as it will cause the spray tan to smear and develop uneven. Avoid track pants with elastic at the bottom and sneakers. Kaftans are perfect to wear after your tan.

Your skin needs to be free of any perfume, oils, lotions, makeup and deodorants - these products can act like a barrier and can cause an uneven tan.  Waxing and shaving should be done 24 hours prior to your appointment. Exfoliate the day before to remove any dry/dead skin. Pay particular attention to dry areas like the knees, elbows, tops of feet and heels. Exfoliating mitts work best and are available to be purchased from us.  If the spray tan is applied on uneven skin, the older dead skin cells will come off first causing the tan to fade poorly.

Avoid using body wash that contains mineral oils or Sodium Laurel Sulphate (SLS) these products can leave a residue on your skin and cause blotchy or streaky tans. Unfortunately streaks will not show until your tan starts to develop. Opt for a gel-based/clear body wash or bar of soap. Avoid Dove/Palmolive products leading up to and after your tan.

Wash off time can vary from 1-4 hours - you will be given a set time to shower, everyone is different and the time will depend on how dark you want to be. Don’t worry if you see colour washing off from your first shower, this is normal. This is the cosmetic bronzer, you will have a gorgeous tan underneath. Keep in mind if you had a rapid tan, your tan can take up to 8-12 hours to fully develop.

Do not exercise of do anything that will make you sweat. Refrain from any skin to skin contact until after your first shower.

Daily moisturising is crucial to a flawless, long lasting tan.  Keep hydrated - the more you hydrate the better your tan will look and last.  Your tan will look better, last longer and fade more evenly.

Say goodbye to long hot showers - showers should be quick and use a Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) free body wash. SLS dries out the skin and will effect longevity of your tan.  Invest in good quality organic products that do not contain perfumes, parabens or mineral oils.  I love the SUKIN range that is available from Priceline and Pharmacies.

Drinking WATER is crucial to a flawless tan!! The more you hydrate before/after the better your tan will look and last. Hydrated skin acts like a sponge – your tan will look better, last longer and fade evenly if cared for correctly.

Your tan should last up to 10 days, in some cases even longer.  How long it lasts depends on your skin type and how well you follow after care instructions. 

Remember to SLIP, SLOP, SLAP -  spray tans do not provide any sun protection or contain sunscreen. 
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